The Israel-Sweden Chamber of Commerce (ISCC), based in Tel-Aviv, is an independent, not-for-profit membership-based organization. A non-governmental association, the Chamber’s mission is to promote trade and investment flows between Israel Sweden and forge closer ties between the business and technological communities of both nations.

About Us

The Israel Sweden chamber of commerce – a not-for profit organization – is the ultimate platform for professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses with in the Israeli-Swedish community to meet, exchange ideas extend their network and growth.

We are a dynamic business organization serving as a gateway for companies and professionals interested in Israel and Swedish business environments. We provide crucial business services to Israeli and Swedish companies and professionals, produce a number of high-profile networking events throughout the year and bring valuable opportunities to our members and their ventures.

By increase the knowledge and interest of companies in the opportunities available for business and technical/economic cooperation between Israel and Sweden. ISCC is a key facilitator in the development of trade relations and investment opportunities between the Israel and Sweden.

Whether your company is based in the Israel or Sweden, ISCC assists with invaluable knowledge of the business culture, market conditions as well as regulations in your target market. We also provide business contacts through a wide variety of networking opportunities.

Israel Sweden Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, non-governmental, fully independent business focused membership organization, founded in 1994.

Our People

Herzl Arviv


Ran Cohen


Ron Doron

Vice President

Danniel Spirtus

Head of technology and innovation affairs





Irma Kuperman – Davar

Executive Director




Israel-Sweden Chamber of Commerce offers a wide array of benefits and services to its members

Your network to unlimited business opportunities.

The Israel-Sweden Chamber of Commerce Network

We are here to help your company find the right contacts to enter, access and expand on the Israeli/Swedish market. To facilitate and support trade, commerce, and investment. As a member of ISCC, your company will belong to the Chamber’s exclusive Network. Our network is an exciting mix of entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, economic development organizations, government leaders and academia. Characterized by a truly entrepreneurial way of doing business.

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