Cyber Week 2024

The Israel Sweden Chamber of Commerce (ISCC) is thrilled to announce our partnership with Cyber Week and AI Week 2024 in Tel Aviv!

 Mark your calendars for June 24th-27th, 2024 

Join us for:
– Groundbreaking conferences
– Expert-led seminars
– Thought-provoking roundtables
– Unparalleled networking opportunities

 Cyber Week (June 24th-27th) 
– Connect with industry leaders, startups, investors, academia, and government officials
– Explore the latest in AI & Cyber, Cyber in Wartime, Cyber Terrorism, Cloud, and more!

AI Week (June 26th-27th) 
– Discover cutting-edge AI research and real-world applications
– Dive into Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Gen AI, Robotics, and beyond!

🤝 Meet the ISCC team in person on June 26th at the conference! We’d love to connect with you and discuss how we can drive innovation together. 

Register now at 

For partnership or sponsorship opportunities, contact us at 

See you in Tel Aviv! 🇮🇱

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