Cyber Week 2024 Recap

🌟 Exciting Collaboration at Cyber Week 2024! 🌟

The Israel Sweden Chamber of Commerce (ISCC) had the privilege of organizing a VIP tour for Ann-Katrin Skrek, Trade Officer at the Embassy of Sweden in Tel Aviv, during Cyber Week and AI Week 2024. 🇮🇱🇸🇪

Highlights of our tour included:

  • Meeting with Maj. Gen. (ret) Prof. Isaac Ben Israel, Conference Chairman
  • Exclusive startup showcase featuring innovative companies like Memcyco, Adversa AI, Cyclops Security, Surf Security, and Prompt Security
  • Insightful discussions with industry leaders from Checkpoint, Israeli Digital Agency, and the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD)
  • Exploring cutting-edge AI applications with experts in Generative AI for Good

We’re thrilled about the potential collaborations and business opportunities that emerged from this event, strengthening the ties between Israel and Sweden in the cyber and AI sectors.

A huge thank you to Ann-Katrin Skrek, all participants, speakers, and the Cyber Week organizing team for making this possible. We’re looking forward to fostering these connections and driving innovation together!

Stay tuned for upcoming round table discussions and events as we continue to build bridges between our vibrant tech ecosystems.


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