New Swedish Program Opens Doors for Israeli Defense and Cyber Innovators

The Israel-Sweden Chamber of Commerce (ISCC) is excited to share a new opportunity for Israeli companies in the defense and cybersecurity sectors. Sweden’s innovation agency, Vinnova, has launched a program to leverage civil-military synergies in research and development, aimed at strengthening Swedish defense capabilities.

Key points of interest for Israeli companies:

1. The program seeks to utilize civilian-developed technologies for military applications, particularly in areas like AI, quantum technology, and autonomous systems – fields where Israeli firms excel.

2. Funding calls target consortia collaborations between civil and defense sectors, creating opportunities for Israeli defense tech companies to partner with Swedish entities.

3. A specific focus on accelerating dual-use technologies developed by startups and SMEs aligns well with Israel’s innovative defense ecosystem.

4. The initiative aims to create a national cluster in Sweden for effective interaction between civilian and defense-oriented innovation environments, potentially offering Israeli companies access to a new, concentrated market.

5. With an initial funding of 60 million SEK (approximately 5.2 million EUR) for 2024, this program represents a significant investment in defense innovation.

6. The program is part of Sweden’s strategy to enhance its participation in NATO’s advanced innovation work, which could open doors for Israeli expertise in this arena.

For Israeli companies looking to expand their presence in the Nordic market or explore new collaborations in defense and cybersecurity, this Vinnova program presents a timely opportunity. The ISCC stands ready to assist our members in connecting with relevant Swedish partners and navigating these new possibilities.

Stay tuned for more information on how to engage with this program. Israeli companies interested in learning more can contact the ISCC for guidance on next steps and potential introductions to key Swedish stakeholders.


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